Cultural, Language & History Preservation

Culture is an important element within all Yaqui communities and bonds both Christianity and Yaqui spirituality in the hope for a better view of the world and morality. There is a rich cultural identity and spiritual values with the merging of the two faiths and traditional practices.

There are five Yaqui Cultural Societies: (1) Teopo Yoemia (Church & Altar Society), (2) Matachinim Society (Soldiers of the Virgin Mary), (3) Kohtumbre Ya’ura (Lenten Society), (4) Wo’i Wiko’o Ya’ura (Coyote Bow Authority), & (5) Oficio Achalim (Deer Dancer and Pascola).

One of the ways the Pascua Yaqui Tribe teaches language and culture is through the Pascua Yaqui Tribe’s Department of Language and Culture. For example, the Yo’o Hoara Hiawai Program is offered at The Department of Language and Culture. It is aimed towards Hiaki youth to teach them  traditional songs and dances so that they can keep the beautiful culture alive for future generations. 

By empowering youth and providing cultural activities and programs, we are actively keeping the culture, language and history of the Yaqui people alive.

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