Medical Supplies Support- Humanitarian Aid

The Omote Aniasakane Rio Yaqui Health Project was able to distribute medical supplies, equipment, and medicine to the community health workers (promotoras/auxiliares) and midwives in the Ocho Pueblos and the more remote communities that belong to them, the health brigades of Vicam and Potam, and the donated supplies just for clinic/hospital use were donated to the Centro de Salud in Vicam.

We were able to deliver medical equipment/supplies/medicine to the following communities in Rio Yaqui on this trip:

Loma de Guamuchil, Tajimaroa, Conti, Lomita de Corral, Loma de Bacum, Bataconsica, Bomba, Torim, Castillo, Chumampaco, Lencho, Compuertas, Cardenas, Casa Azul, Vicam Pueblo, Casas, Blancas, Tetabiate, Los Limones, Babojori, Vicam Switch, Potam, Oros, Lobos, Rahum, Huivisim, Pitahaya, Baugo

Thank you everyone for your valuable help with our project. We look forward to continued collaboration with all of you so that we can keep this going!

Tua Lios enchim hiokoe uttesiavu- Kathryn Carmen

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