Project Update: Native Music Coalition

The Pascua Yaqui Tribe Charitable Organization recently awarded a grant to the Native Music Coalition.  Coalition leader Vincent Flores applied for and was approved for a grant to be used for conducting workshops to educate tribal members and families on the traditional craft of making and using gourd rattles.

The Coalition will be conducting workshops in June on the construction and use of the gourd rattles. Vincent has already started purchasing items for the workshop, including over 100 gourds for the construction of the rattles.  The funding will also purchase tools and supplies for the workshop, as well as refreshments for the 30 attendees anticipated at the workshops.

During the workshops, the participants will clean, cut and ready the gourds for assembly into rattles.  Native Music Coalition is committed to working with clients obtaining services through the Centered Spirit Department.  Working with over 1200 adults and youth in recovery, Centered Spirit focuses on bringing these traditions back to the community in a way that integrates the many generations of members in a way to promote native wellness and community cohesion.

Promoting recovery and wellness through traditional crafts, The Native Music Coalition promotes living a sober life, enhancing youth self-confidence and giving back to communities in economic crisis.

The workshops will be held in New Pascua and in Old Pascua, and will be open to youth age 12-21 and any adult community member interested in learning this traditional craft.   

If you would like more information on the upcoming workshops or on how to donate to the Native Music Coalition, please contact Vincent Flores at  You can also contribute to Native Music Coalition online at Please consider donating to the Pascua Yaqui Tribe Charitable Organization online at:  Your donations provide funding for a myriad of deserving projects, with 90% of donations going directly to support these important endeavors. 

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