Sports- Cycling Program 2023

One mile at a time

The Pascua Yaqui Charitable Organization were recipients of the Allan Harris Award for our cycling programs offered in Tucson and Guadalupe. The Wellness Program will be hosting various bike repair clinics, a new Fix it Station will be placed in Guadalupe and more supplies will be offered to community members for bike repairs.

“Cycling has been a game changer for me as someone who is dealing with type 2 Diabetes, as I have been a part of the Tour of Tucson for 8 years and look forward to it every year. With more services available like the Bike fix-it stations and bike clinics, it helps not only me, but other members ride safely and encourages exercise in a fun way”, Gloria.

Keep checking in to get more information on future events hosted in collaboration with PYTCO, Economic Development Program and the Wellness Center of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe.

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